The Last Dance Before the Lock Down

March 2020 will always be remembered as the month Scottish Country Dancing stopped being a social activity enjoyed by many on a weekly basis.

Since then, staying home due to the Coronavirus, we have had to develop new ways of enjoying our hobby.  The Society pod cast, the weekly on-line class and the odd on-line ceilidh allow members to feel connected to their Scottish dance friends, the teachers and musicians – we owe much to technology!

So as not to forget our last dance together, here are a few words and pictures to remind us of the fun we had at the Dawlish weekend (13-15 March 2020).

Dawlish 2020 was organised for the first time by Margaret Chambers and Fiona Grant, taking the reins from Barbara Saville and Clive Robinson must have been a daunting task!!

We had the excellent Phil Jones playing for us and Nicola Scott teaching

We must also thank members for organising the events over the weekend.
Friday Night Dance MC:  Ros Rawlings
Saturday Night Ceilidh MC:  Graham Coles
Saturday Late Night Extra:  Lynn Robinson
Walk:  Fiona Grant

Friday Night Dance – Phil Jones and Ros Rawlings keeping a watchful eye on proceedings



With the speed and enthusiasm of the dancing, mid dance maintenance was required!


As with all good weekends, there was plenty of opportunity to get together for a chat.


We danced, practiced for the ceilidh, read or went for a walk not giving a thought as to who would be preparing our meals and generally making our stay enjoyable. This was the role of the wonderful staff at the Langstone Cliff Hotel, Dawlish Warren and they rose to the occasion, as they do every year!


During the weekend members of Bristol RSCDS recorded two dances The Gordonian Strathspey and While Grumpy Rested. Both dances are now listed on Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary and Strathspey Server.

Follow the links below to see them on YouTube.

The Gordonian Strathspey

While Grumpy Rested