Autumn term begins

Autumn term Thursday classes begin on 16 September at St Monica’s. Beginners and less experienced dancers start at 7pm. The main class starts at 8pm.

Classes starting

We are restarting weekly classes on Friday 21 May at St Peter’s, Henleaze from 7:30 to 9:30. The end of term will be Friday 18 June. We are hoping to hold our Summer Fling on 4 July, Dancers’ Day School on 13 November and New Season Dance on 9 October. We...
Ros’ Summer Dancing at a Social Distance

Ros’ Summer Dancing at a Social Distance

For a number of years Ros Rawlings has run a dance class during the summer when local RSCDS branches are on summer break. Summer 2020 was no different despite the many challenges thrown at us by the Covid 19 pandemic, which had to be overcome with regard to the...